My Piece of the Puzzle

My Piece of the Puzzle is a registered non-profit organization in Israel Integrating kids and teens at risk and kids and teens with special needs in joined activities with the aim of empowering both populations and ensuring their optimal development and successful integration in the community.

Our Inspiration

The initiative and inspiration to establish this organization in Israel came from working at Camp Ramapo in the USA which instilled the desire to provide Israeli youth at risk or with special needs with the tools needed to become contributing members of society in a rsecure and successful manner.

Camp Ramapo is a summer camp that serves children at risk and children with special needs such as autism, Down syndrome and fragile x


Projects and Goals:

  • Israeli delegation of youth at risk to Camp Ramapo in the US in order for them to benefit from the Ramapo approach of setting and maintaining goals and aspirations

  • Establish “warm home” centers in Israel based on the Ramapo values and principles

  • summer camp in Israel











Latest project

For the past few years, we have taken Israeli teens at risk to work as counselors at a special needs camp in the USA.


This summer, we have the opportunity to do this program in Israel!


This includes 10 days and nights of exprience, 35 special needs campers and 35 staff including the teens at risk.





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Call us:

+972-54-7213871 - Jenna

+972-52-8781450 - Shaked

PO Box 249

Eyat Street, Ein Sarid

עין שריד רחוב עיט ת.ד 249

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